Our products.

At Glasshouse, we have a robust pipeline with products at various stages of development.

Marketed products.

Glasshouse Pharmaceuticals


Launched Q4 2017

Glasshouse Pharmaceuticals

Fluocinolone Acetonide Topical Solution

Launched Q4 2018

Glasshouse Pharmaceuticals

Fluocinonide Topical Solution

Launched Q4 2018

Glasshouse Pharmaceuticals

Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution

Launched Q1 2019

The Glasshouse Pipeline.

In Development

Clinical Trials

FDA Review

GH107 ANDA Cream

GH072 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH122 ANDA Topical Solution

GH075 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH110 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH108 ANDA Cream

GH044 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH056 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH074 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH125 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH126 ANDA Topical Cream

GH129 ANDA Ointment

GH118 ANDA Cream

GH131 ANDA Oral Solution

GH127 ANDA Oral Suspension

GH132 ANDA Solution


Proof of Concept



GH088 NDA Spray

GH087 NDA Gel

GH098 NDA Gel

GH124 NDA Gel

GH130 NDA Gel